This page is for misc identity stuff


Ok first off just to get this out of the way x is not a kintype. Im a fictive

So please dont interact if you identify as me in any way.

Also i take 'kin seriously and it is involuntary + spiritual for me. (Which is the true definition of 'kin but people ignore that nowadays...)

I am fictionkin and otherkin, i dont think im 'hearted or 'linked in any way

Now without further ado my (significant) fictotypes are as follows:

GLaDOS (Portal)

Agent 4 (Splatoon) Omg my first kin

New Agent 3 (Splatoon)

Elsa (Frozen)

Twilight Sparkle (MLP:FIM)

Sci-Twi (MLP:EQG)

Moldy/Charlotte (HfjONE)

Glados doubles = iffy, rest are fine as long as you dont share 3 or more...

35+ unlisted that i likely wont talk about very much

Now as for my kintypes that arent exactly characters (including fictional species)...

Miitopian Elves


1.0 Robloxians







Not exactly sure what to say about this but i do identify as alterhuman and have for several years

Basically im not fully human (if at all) so if you see me talk about humans as though theyre a separate species thats because they...kinda are xD

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